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2. Moodle

2.5 Using Forums

This section will explain how to use forums on Moodle.

2.5.1 What is a News Forum?

Bulletin boards for exchanging information are called “forum” on Moodle. In the forums, instructors can send notices to students, and course participants can interact and discuss different themes and topics.
The types of forums made and run for each course is entrusted to the instructors, so students should use them according to their instructor’s directions.

Forums are accessible via the icon shown in the diagram below, which is located at the top of the course page.

2.5.2 Viewing Forum Discussions / Adding Discussions

1. Click the title of the forum.

2. Click the discussion title.[1]
*Click the “Add a new discussion topic” button to create a new discussion.[2]

3. The selected discussion will appear.
To reply, click “Reply ” in the relevant topic and add text.
To return to the top of the course page without replying, click the course name in the navigation bar at the top of the screen.


2.5.3 Replying in Forums

1.Click the reply button and the “Write your reply” field will be displayed.
Enter the reply text directly there.

When you are finished writing your reply, click the “Post to forum” button.

                * Click “Advanced” to attach a file or change the character style.

2. The reply will be posted.
To return to the top of the course page, click on the course title at the top of the page.
*Comments can be edited within 30 minutes of posting by clicking “Edit”.
*Click “Delete” to delete a posted comment.
*When 30 minutes have passed, the “Edit” and “Delete” buttons will no longer be displayed.

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