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1. Introduction

1.1 Introduction

Kyushu University uses the e-learning system Moodle, the learning analysis tool Metaboard, and the digital material delivery and browsing system B-QUBE. The learning environment encompassing all three of these systems is called M2B (Mitsuba) System.
This section describes the M2B system.

1.1.1 Moodle e-Learning System

The Moodle system is used as a computer-based learning support system (e-learning system). A Moodle course page is created for each individual class, and attendance, quizzes, distribution of course materials, receipt of reports and submission of questionnaires can be handled digitally on Moodle.

1.1.2 Metaboard
Metaboard is a learning dashboard that supports teaching and learning activities.
This will enable the students to reflect on their own learning activities and make improvements.
It is scheduled to be operational by the end of FY2022.
1.1.3 B-QUBE

B-QUBE is a system for viewing slides. Students can view learning materials and textbooks uploaded by teachers. B-QUBE allows students to view them on their laptops and smartphones anytime, anywhere. Furthermore, B-QUBE is provided with functions such as memos, highlights, recommendations and bookmarks for learning.

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