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2. Moodle

2.1 Accessing Moodle

Kyushu University Moodle logs you in with your ‘SSO-KID’. Please make sure that your SSO-KID is available.
If you have any problems with your SSO-KID, please visit the website “Kyushu University SSO Portal”.

2.1.1 Log in to Moodle

1.Start the specified browser (Google Chrome / Mozilla Firefox) on your computer and access Kyushu University Moodle

2. Click “Log in” at the top right of the Moodle top page screen.

3. Enter your SSO-KID and password and click the “Log in” button.

2.1.2 Moodle Top Page ( Home )

When you log in to Moodle, you will see the Site Home screen.

  • (1)Notices:Contains Agreement about usage of learning data and important notices. Please check when accessing Moodle.
  • (2)Search Course:You can find courses with the search function by entering the course name, the course ID, or a keyword in the course name. When entering multiple words, separate them with a space.
  • (3)サイトニュース(Site News):Notifications about system maintenance or other important matters are published here. Please peruse this section.
  • (4)【LINK】:Various links to useful functions such as manuals. You can refer to various manuals from the “List of Manual”.
  • (5)Contact:A link to the list of inquiries regarding the M2B system is provided.
  • (6)Dashboard:When you click here you will be taken to the dashboard page. Please refer to 2.1.2 for details.
  • (7)My Courses:List of the courses you registered for and are currently offered. Please refer to the (5) dashboard to view your registered courses that are no displayed here.
  • (8)Courses:Click on a category to view the corresponding courses.
2.1.3 Dashboard

The courses the user registered for are displayed here.

(1)Courses become easy to find when applying the filter.

(2)You can sort the course display by [Course Name (Ascending)] or [Last Accessed].

(3)You can change the layout.

(4)You can change the number of displayed courses. The default setting is 12. If you have more than 12 courses, click on the button described in (5) to view the next page.

(5)If there are more courses than displayed, click the next page (right).

Setting the display list to the maximum of 48 gives an easy overview.

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