• August 2021 - March 2025
  • Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Grants-in-Aid for Challenging Research(Pioneering)

  • Construction of Educational Data Literacy Acquisition Model based on Pedagogy and Information Science



As educational computerization is advancing, and the use of educational data accumulated in educational / learning support systems is being promoted to improve learning environments. Toward effective use of educational data, data literacy has been attracting attention, and the necessity of its training has been pointed out. However, it remains the problems: 1. data literacy in educational settings is also regarded as the ability to use analytical skills and tools, 2. the concept of data literacy in educational setting lacks the perspective of learners’ abilities, and 3. current data literacy in educational settings does not capture the interpretation of educational data analysis results, decisions, and improvement actions. Additionally, there is a problem that a research approach based on the above has not been shown. This study focuses on the perspective of “learner”, and defines “educational data literacy” in the field of pedagogy and learns it, while building on the data literacy defined within the framework of statistics and informatics. Also, this research aims to build a model from the perspectives of educational philosophy and sociology of education, including the ideal form of education and the social impact of educational data literacy. By constructing, we will construct educational data literacy research in the field of pedagogy.

Kyushu University

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