Learning Analytics Center

  • Learning Analytics Center (LAC) has two missions;

  • 1. We contribute to the improvement of our university's education and learning through centralized management of educational data and analysis of educational data.
  • 2. We become the world's hub institution for learning analytics research that contributes to the improvement of education and learning.

Learning Analytics(LA) is an interdisciplinary academic field that aims to implement more effective education and learning based on data analysis, across informatics, information science, educational technology, pedagogy, learning science, and so on. Kyushu University has established the Learning Analytics Center, in order to become a hub institution for research activities related to learning analytics such as operation of educational systems, management of educational data, development of data analysis, visualization technology, support for improvement of education.

With the mission of contributing to the improvement of education and learning through centralized management and analysis of educational data, and at the same time becoming a research hub institution for learning analytics, the Learning Analytics Center will carry out the mission under the following organizational structure;

Research and Development Section
We will work on the development of advanced learning analysis technologies that contribute to the improvement of education and learning, as well as research on usage of the learning analytics platform, and actively open the results both domestically and internationally.
System Management Section
Stable operation of educational systems related to learning analytics and learning management systems. In addition, in cooperation with student support organizations, we will develop and update manuals and support users from the user's perspective so that these systems can be used easily.
Data Management Section

(1) Data related to education is aggregated from each system such as the academic affairs system, syllabus system, and education system operated in Kyushu University, and centrally managed as a university-wide LA database.

(2) Formulating a data usage policy, and building and operating a system that allows faculties, departments to use it for improving education and learning, and researchers to use it for academic purposes.

The activities in the above, their progress and results will be deliberated and decided at the center meeting with the management policy, and so on. The improvement of education and learning based on learning analytics and the development of research results will be promoted..

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